Most children with special needs in Kenya do not get the chance to go to school.

Heshima has 10 special education classrooms, filled with kids ages 2-16. Each classroom has 1 teacher and 1 teacher’s aide. Each classroom has fewer than 10 children so that each child’s needs can be met. We work with many types of disabilities: cerebral palsy, down’s syndrome, spina bifida and various developmental delays.

Heshima provides services for very impoverished families who do not have access to other special education resources in Kenya. Most other resources (although they are few) are options only for those that can afford to pay. Our families need a place that is free of charge and that is how Heshima operates. Our education is not fancy – we are not a registered school; rather we are a registered therapy center that provides simple education. Most importantly, we strive to make our kids feel safe, well fed, and loved by Jesus.

We currently have 6 students who have “graduated” from our program and are now working on the Heshima campus as either cleaners, gardeners, teacher’s aides, or artisans at Dignity Designs. These young adults would otherwise not have an opportunity to be employed. They love their jobs and are proud to have money to help their families with the high cost of food and housing. Most of these families live hand-to-mouth, and having one more adult to help cover costs is a huge blessing.

“And my God will provide every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Jesus Christ” Philippians 4:19